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About Our Association
JAIP (Japan Association of International Publications) is a non-profit trade association of over 70 books and periodicals importers, wholesalers and retailers of all subject areas and all the foreign languages from countries worldwide. The organization also has welcomed warehousing, transportation, and other logistics companies which have connections to the foreign publications trade in Japan. JAIP has its origin in 1941 and changed its organization name from JBIA (Japan Book Importers Association) to the present JAIP in 1999.

Our goal and purpose is the sales promotion of foreign publications to libraries and individuals throughout Japan. Our activities include exhibits and book sales at book trade shows, periodic seminars and tutorials to our members, publishing monthly JAIP newsletters mainly to the members and an annual trade directory partly in English listing the members' data and information. We will also hold occasional meetings for information and opinion exchanges among the members.

JAIP website is provided not only to the members but also to the people interested in foreign publications, domestic and international. To enable you to have easy access to each of those listed members, just look up our website. An English description of the members' profiles and their subject specialties is now being prepared. Publishers and book exporters are encouraged to contact our members through our website or our JAIP annual directory. You will certainly find useful information from us for the effective marketing of your publications. For membership information and/or further details of our activities, please contact our secretary at JAIP office by mail or e-mail.

Board Members of JAIP
Executive Director Mark Gresham
Managing Director, MHM Ltd.
Vice Executive Director Shin'ichi Yamakawa
President & CEO, Usaco Corporation
Director Mitsuo Naka
Director, Maruzen-Yushodo Ltd.
Aiko Hosoya
Bureau A. Hosoya
Ryuji Tsuru
President, Toa Book Exports Inc.
one on selection
Auditors Hisatoshi Aizawa
President, Kyokuto Shoten Ltd.
Steve Matsumura
Representative Director, Cengage Learning K.K.